I've always felt sex is a private manner mostly because that is how I was raised. Against the shy desires to keep sex talk between just me and my future wife, I can't just let God's position go undefended. I'm worried about writing this that my family may feel differently about me. I just feel this article must be written. I generally don't talk about sex publically because I'm very shy.

        I also need to be incredibly careful on how I write this article. I know God exists, Jesus is LORD. And because of this, I am already a minor authority figure in God's Kingdom. If I overstep my boundary in this article and post something that is not scripturally based, I could be committing a great sin. I may know some things about how God wants sex to be handled, but I don't know all things. Because of this, I hope no one ever publically questions me about anything as if I know God's mind on something he did not already address in scripture. I can't be responsible for outlaying every detail in what God permits in sex. This is completely outside my authority, and it is a danger I must be wary of, lest the enemy attack me here.If you want to communicate with me about this article, you can use our webmail: FatherSpiritSonmail@yahoo.com . Just because I made the bold step in writing this article does not mean I want to talk about it face to face. Talking about awesome sex to anyone besides my future wife is strange to me.


        I know God is real, Jesus is LORD. God spoke to me,"Good News" then my dad handed me a Good News Bible-Aug 21,2003. If you want to come to Jesus, come to him for this reason: God is good and loving. God loves you, so love him back. If you accept Jesus, repent of doing evil, and seek to do good and be loving the rest of your life, you're in God's will. It is important to approach God because he is good and loving first instead of wanting special blessings from God. The pure motives of loving God because he is good and loving are important! If you're not a Christian, and you're interested in becoming one, I really want you to have pure motives. Psalms 37:4 "Seek your happiness in the Lord, and he will give you your heart's desire." The proper way to be a good Christian is to not always be seeking blessings, but instead to always trying to serve. If blessings come your way, you can be thankful, but a Christian's walk is not always happiness. In fact, Jesus' life, suffering and death were not happy times at all. Why should we expect a better fate than the King of Glory? Still, hopefully we will have good times while we serve God on Earth.

        We were made by God. God made man and woman from soil. It takes faith to believe in Creationism (not exclusive from Evolution). It takes faith to believe in God. God invented sex. God invented pleasure. God can make one person's pleasure in sex greater than other person, yet there is no way to compare. I could see the color red and to someone else their brain sees it as how my brain sees green. There's no way to tell how one color looks to someone else. Sure we both call the color red the same thing, but there's no way(now) to know how our brain interprets color. If my green is someone else's red, they've always heard it their life that it is called green, so that's how they call it, and there's no confusion between people. I can't say for certain that something like this can happen. I'm just bringing up the notion that some of our experiences can not be immediately compared to what someone else experiences. It is easy to compare our own experiences to our other experiences though if we have a capable memory. Proverbs 14:10"Your joy is your own; your bitterness is your own. No one can share them with you."

        Maybe I'm different when I say that I was content with my life as a child. I had/have a great extended family. I wouldn't want a different family ever. I think our family is blessed more than most families. There's no way to experience knowing how great my family was unless you were in it. So my childhood was great, and I was happy before I knew of sex. Matthew18:4"The greatest in the Kingdom of heaven is the one who humbles himself and becomes like this child." I would be happy living in eternity with God without sex or the pleasure that sex brings. As such, I think we should always think of sex as a nice bonus on creation. It is all too easy for some to get caught up in wanting sex so badly they wouldn't want Heaven because some have said there will not be sex in it. Nowhere in the Bible does it say there is no sex in Heaven. It does say there will be no marriage though. I'm not trying to put out the notion that Heaven is a swinger's paradise. I'm just eliminating misconceptions. Whether there is sex or not in Heaven, every moment of eternity with God is better than our highest highs of pleasure of anything we can experience on Earth. This pleasure only gets enhanced the more we walk with Jesus in the path of servitude on Earth. The more we serve others on Earth, the more we can appreciate our time with our Creator in Heaven.

Let us read a quote from a blog on CNN:
"Christian marriage.

Hot sex.

Let's try that again:

Christian marriage; hot sex.

It doesn't quite go together does it?

Passionate, toe-curling sex isn't normally associated with Christianity or even spirituality in general."

        As a Christian, I find this as a misconception that needs refuting. Since God is real, and can increase or decrease anyone's pleasure in sex, isn't the people he wants to bless most his followers? If you treat sex as holy and save your sex for marriage, God can make it more thrilling than what most other people experience. Still there is no way for one person to compare their satisfying sex with another person's. The first thought would just to do a serotonin and other brain chemicals test, but the very test itself would render the study invalid. Matthew 4:7 Jesus answered, "But the scripture also says, "Do not put the Lord your God to the test.' " Also, there can be such a thing as soul satisfying sex, and science hasn't located the soul.

        Christians want to have children so they can grow up to serve God. We're living in a time where lots of things need to change. There is poverty, hunger, wars, hatred, random violence, etc etc. The world needs more Christians who are called to change the status quo. We can worship God as we serve God. If a pair of Christians are willing to raise their children Christian so that they know God is with them wherever they go, that pair of Christians will be greatly blessed. Christians go into sex married and expectantly responsible for raising their children. This attitude brings the blessing of God.

        I'm currently not married, but I have faith that God may bring me a wife someday. And when I'm married, I have a notion that God will bless our sanction strongly. I want to raise Christian children for every generation to come from my descendants. I'll parent to let my children know this and how to train their children too. God knows I'm committed to him and faithful to him. As such I wouldn't be surprised if my wife and I experience a pleasure high that many never experienced. My motives are not to try and get the ultimate high I can, but rather to serve God, and then God himself will bestow great blessings upon me. Yet, it needs to be said that Christians have the best sex because God himself increases the pleasure of the act. If I didn't say this, some people may fall prey to the trap the secular world is pushing.

        Yes sex itself is a matter of faith too. And seeing how the secular society does not understand issues of faith, they wouldn't understand this either. All a secular person can experience is,"Sex feels good." They can't worship the God who created sex and bring God honor. They can't understand that just because sex feels good means that's all the better it gets. And even if they think sex has different qualities, they can't understand the best way to improve your sex is to honor God.

-Jim Sager