This is a documentation of a miracle:

Victor Nunez and I were finishing publishing our book on The book is Ancient Truths for Modern Living: Volume I and is our articles from this website At the finish of the publishing I felt the need to pray about the book, and I gave it a quick one,"God I pray everything is cool." THEN IMMEDIATELY, Victor sends me an IM,"Everything is cool." I feel as though God answered my prayer to bless the publication of the book. And maybe you think I read too much into it, but I think if God blesses this book, he also blesses the content of it. It makes me feel as though God approves of our articles. I'm so excited, words cannot express it right now. Not only did Victor and I publish our very first book, but God communicated to me today too. Everything in the book can be found on this site.*

-This miracle I happened September 15, 2010

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*EDIT January 30/2012: One or more articles are no longer indexed on the website, but you can find them in the free ebook. I have more to add on this prayer over the book. When I first wrote that post I was greatly excited about the event, and apparently I was not as verbose as I should have been. When I prayed,"God I pray everything is cool.", what I was communicating to God through my heart was,"God, I am not sure I stayed within scripture to answer questions. God I don't want to be apostate by talking about things too high from my knowledge. God I want to know if this book is something that would glorify you." The way you pray isn't so much the words you say sometimes as much as what meaning you want to convey. The Holy Spirit translates your prayers to God. So getting a response from God was exceptionally good at boosting my self confidence for promoting the book. We make no money on this book through the above links, but we provide them because we're interested in helping out everyone's faith we can help.